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Behind the Brand - Gabriella Domin

Ladies dress with pockets and ruffle sleeves

Recently I have found a bigger love for artworks with strong botanical elements.  It's no surprise this is why I am in love with Gabriella Domin's artworks! Gabriella is so talented at taking beautiful Australian inspired flora shapes and turning them into stunning works of art, both in painting form and surface art.

I wanted to learn more about Gabriella's process and where she finds her inspiration, so I reached out and asked her some questions.  Her answers are so genuine and provide a beautiful insight into her artworks.  Keep reading to learn more about the lovely person behind the brand!

Where do you find your inspiration?   

A lot of my designs are inspired by the flora and the beautiful coastal landscape around Port Macquarie, where I live. However some designs evolve from simply playing and experimenting with art materials, creating different patterns and textures on paper, and using collage as a starting point for more abstracted designs. 

What is your favourite book to read?

I don't have a favourite genre, but enjoy a variety of autobiographies, fiction, and stories with a historical perspective. I recently read  The Secret River by Kate Grenville, and Phosphorescence by Julia Baird - very different books but loved them equally. Oh, and lots of art books!!!!

What is the last show you binge watched?

I loved watching the Queen's Gambit and The Crown both on Netflix.  Like books, I love a story with a historical element to it. And the fashion in these shows was also wonderful to watch!

If you had to pick one flower to see everyday, what would you choose?

I love any flowers in a really stong magenta/fuscia colour. Dahlias were my favourite for a long time, but i'm obsessed with Australian natives at the moment, and love the bright neon colours of Flowering Gum blossoms.  I could happily look at, draw and paint these blossoms for a very long time.

At Cocoa & Thread I have featured Gabriella's artworks in our Wild Garden Dress and also our Forest Dresses (pre-orders close for these at 11.59pm AEST on Wednesday 12 May).

You can click on an image to see more about the clothing featuring Gabriella's work, or learn more about Gabriella here:



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