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Behind the Brand - Ellie Whittaker

Zesty skirt

Ellie Whittaker would definitely be one of the most iconic Australian digital artists of the time.  Her designs are fun, bright, bold and large scale - all reasons why I love featuring Ellie's work on our clothing! 

Ellie creates amazing artworks that encompass so many of the beautiful elements in nature and society around her.  I really resonate with Ellie's work because of the many Queensland influences.

 Ladies cap sleeve midi dress in red, gold and blue colours designed by Ellie WhittakerLadies midi length skirt in cotton citrus print with accents of pink, yellow, orange, blue and greenLadies midi length skirt perfect for picnics in the spring and summer.  Made from a cotton floral print, this is a lovely mix of elegance and comfort.

I reached out to Ellie recently to learn a little bit more about the person behind the brand and she so graciously answered some questions which provide some insight into her life and processes.  Keep reading to learn more! 

Ladies summer sundress made from red, gold and purple cotton fabricLadies cap sleeve midi dress in red, gold and blue colours designed by Ellie WhittakerLadies blue midi length skirt for women wanting to picnic in the sun in summer and spring

Where do you find your inspiration?
So many places, seemingly at odds with one another! Street fashion and celebrities, nature and fashion shows, books and art...

What is your favourite book to read?
Any Harry Potter, always. Everytime I read them (or listen - we're currently listening with the kids) I am astounded by Rowling's mastery. She's just incredible. 

What is the last show you binge watched?
I'm currently working through Cursed while I work. I really liked Katherine Langford in 13 Reasons Why and am loving seeing such a clever Aussie actor doing fantasy (my fave!).

Which appliance can you not live without?
I wish I had something less cliche to say but my iPad. Haha! If I was deserted with it I could still work and watch TV and read books so I would be one happy lady!

Women's tie up sundress in beautiful organic cotton fabric, perfect for spring and summerLadies cap sleeve midi dress in purple, gold and blue colours designed by Ellie WhittakerLadies jungle cap sleeve dress with animal print, midi length and perfect for summer and spring

You can click on an image to see more about the clothing featuring Ellie's work, or learn more about Ellie here:


Instagram: @elliewhittakerstudio

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